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A/V technology - this is the stuff that started as science fiction, but now is science fact. When you walk into a building and see an entire wall covered in flat panel displays all linked together to show one massive video feed, you can't help but stop and stare.

[Conference Room] We can setup an audio system in zones so that the sound from the front entry speakers matches what's on the massive TV wall. Further down the hall, the speakers play ambient music. As you cross a digital menu board for the cafeteria, the audio changes to the feed coming from the display.

When you step into a meeting room, the lights automatically fade. You can hear the cooling fans in the projector and the computer kick on and start to purr, waiting for input. All because you entered the room.

The possibilities are only limited by the current hardware and software available and your imagination. Whether it's a basic sound and projector system for a board room or it's a fully integrated classroom, conference room or auditorium at a college campus, vision can make it happen.

Fiber Optic Termination, Certification & Testing

* Single Mode Fiber and Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling

* Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing
* Fiber Optic Cable Testing & Certification
* Terminations (ST - SC - LC - MTRJ connectors)
* Fiber Optic Backbone splicing and testing
* Fiber Optc Dmark/ Dmarc Extensions

Structured Voice & Data Network Cabling

* Voice/Data Network Installation (Cat 5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 wiring)
* Business & VoIP Phone Systems
* WiFi / Wireless Network Installation | WLAN Networking Setup | Access Point Installation
* Commercial and MDU installations
* Audio / Video Cabling & Wiring